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30 Min Full Body Workout

Mike Cauti Personal Trainer


How to properly brace your core - if anyone has ever participated in a group class or watched a workout video on YouTube, you have definitely heard the phrase “brace your core” but what does that really mean? In order to properly brace, you need to push your belly button to your spine and keep your ribs down to eliminate any excessive low back arching.

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Dynamic Stretch

Dynamic Stretch 

Hip 90/90 5/side 5 sec ho
Sit down with one of your legs bent at 90 degrees both at the hip and knee and same with the other leg out to one side. While keeping your chest up and spine straight, lower your chest towards the mid shin of your front leg as far as you can without bending your spine and then hold for 5 sec at your end range. Slowly ascend back up and repeat for 5 times then switch legs.

Half kneeling hip flexor stretch 5/side 5 sec hold

Squeeze glute and you should already feel a stretch on your hip flexor, to progress the stretch, drive hips forward slightly without losing glute engagement

Circuit 1 x3


15-30 sec rest between exercises


60-90 sec rest between sets

Deadbugs 5-6/side 2-3 sec hold 

  • Arms in line with shoulders and legs in line with hips

  • Push your belly button to your spine and low back into the ground. While keeping that brace, extend one leg at a time without letting your low back arch off the floor and hold the extended position for 2-3 sec.

Plank shoulder taps 20 total

These can also be done on knees, or an elevated surface like a chair/bench, just make sure whatever you use won’t slide.

  • Give yourself a nice wide stance with your feet and ensure your hands are directly underneath your shoulders. While keeping your hips as still as possible, reach your opposite hand to opposite shoulder and alternate sides until you reach 20 reps.

Glute bridges 12-15 2 sec hold

  • On your back, hands on the floor beside you and feet about or slightly wider than hip width apart. Drive heels into the floor and drive your hips to the ceiling as high as you can, squeeze your glutes like your trying to crack a walnut between those cheeks and hold for 2 sec before controlling the movement on the way back down.

Side plank/half kneeling side plank (bend bottom leg at the knee)  20-30 sec/side

  • Arm directly underneath shoulder

  • Straight line from head to foot

  • Slightly draw belly button toward the spine

Circuit 2 x3


15-30 sec rest between exercises


60-90 sec rest between sets

Reverse lunges 10/side

  • keep chest up

  • Ankles, knees, hips all in line

  • 90 degree angle at both knees

  • Use glute to push off front leg

  • Keep brace and focus on one spot in front of you to help with balance

Pushups/kneeling pushups 10-15

  • Arms slightly wider than shoulder width and directly beneath

  • Act like you're trying to break the floor apart with your hands, this will set your shoulders properly and isolate the pecs a lot more. 

  • (On knees) - tuck hips forward to ensure you are in line from your knees to your head. Try your best not to lead with your head by keeping your chin tucked.

Cardio/conditioning 5-10 min 


AMRAP (as many rounds as possible *efficiently* please don’t rush through and sacrifice proper form.)

Jumping jack shoulder press/shoulder press toe taps 20

  • Hands underneath shoulders, keep hips as still as possible

Russian twists legs up/legs down 20 total

  • Slightly lean back

Mountain climbers/hands elevated mountain climbers/standing hip marches 30 total

  • Hands underneath shoulders, keep hips as still as possible

Skater hops/skaters side steps 20 total

  • Drive off with side of the glute

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